Now I can help my students to understand the concepts and also help in giving solutions. This helps in student reports, Exam management and also the best tool for Spoken English, This is tool for Teachers, Students and Parents

Very good concept based animated content which I can able to understand very easily. I refer my programs to all my friends my learning friend is

Now my fear of exam and how to do an activity for class rooms is over now it is fun learning with

Skylearning enables global learning anywhere any time and also online tutor.

About Us

About Digital School

Utilizing the years of working association with the Education sector, a solution was thought of that would empower the schools in performing their basic/primary functions efficiently. This ideology gave birth to – ‘Digital School’.

Digital School is a program which offers a multitude of services in order to enhance and uplift the education standards of the school. This service aims at building and strengthening the English communication skills of the students and provides an end-to-end platform for learning through curriculum based learning and an in-depth assorted assessment system. All these services can be availed by schools without investing any money. Besides, the school will cherish the benefits of a High-end Digital Branding of their school. The students, teachers and parents will be able to take full advantage of our content and services anytime, anywhere and through any device.

Our Features

Digital School Provides

Cloud Campus

Cloud campus to strengthen their online learning presence.

Smart Class

Smart Class along with curriculum based content for respective class.

Examination and Assessment System

Remedial based interactive examination and assessment system.

Spoken English Program

Spoken English program to improve the communicative English skills.

Sky Tab

Learning kit comprising of sky tab for respective class content, one year membership card to access the school’s cloud campus and a book for delivering value based education.


Awards and recognitions

Skylearning got the best E-Learning awards from Indian Education Network shiksha Ratna award for the best E-Learning content award

Our mentor Mr.Girish Sharma colleting the award for the best E-Learning content at New Delhi.

Cloud Campus

to make online learning more focused and distraction free

School can create their own exclusive login ID and extend their horizon beyond the school’s boundaries.
Curriculum based, more than 1000 topics & lessons with more than 500 activities covering all subjects.
More than 1000 interactive practice tests & assignments with an additional feature for teachers to prepare their own online assignments and keep a track record of the performance of each child.
Parents can directly login to see the progress of their child. Besides this, they have an access to more than 10,000 skill development & vocational online courses.


Developed after an extensive research on the ways of fostering fluency in
the Spoken English skills of a learner

Makes acquiring English as naturally as you acquire your mother tongue.
Emphasis is laid on understanding the language in terms of sounds, correct pronunciation and enriching vocabulary.
A supportive tool for teachers to execute ASL (assessment of speaking & listening skills). Also provides a foundation for student’s language skills before appearing for ASL assessments in the IXth grade.
Self-led language learning tutorials coupled with an interactive practice platform makes it a perfect solution for language lab.
Provided to individual students to practice the language skills, without the use of internet, at one’s own pace at home.


remedial based assessment and evaluation

More than 1000 practice test and assignment grade-wise to help learners teat their knowledge and understanding of a certain concept.
Features of Learning gap Analyser and Learning Booster to fill the gaps in learning and strengthen weaker concepts.
Teachers can create and conduct their own online exams and track student’s performance anytime anywhere.
All India level Olympiads for various subjects conducted to boost up the competitive spirit of the learners.

Smart Class

Smart Class along with curriculum based content for respective class

Engaging Content with hundreds of rich 2D and 3D videos to explain concepts for each class
Top Quality innovative, interactive Multimedia curriculum based Content
Cover All subjects:- around 1000+ Topics, 500+ activities, 1000+ Lesson


All these services and programs are compiled in a kit to be provided to each child which includes:

Containing grade-wise & subject-wise curriculum based content for uninterrupted offline learning.
Each child will be issued a unique login code to enable him/her access to the digital learning.
Grade wise book on life skills to instil value education in the children of today.

Some facts about us

We are proud of these numbers


More than 200 Satisfied Teachers

21st Century Education is all about student centered personalized learning. The life long learning tool has provided the students the ease of accessing learning anytime and anywhere from any device. Children find the studies more interesting now. They are also happy haring the videos and lectures.

Mrs. Rachna Pandit
Mrs. Rachna Pandit, Principal
DPS Marutikunj, Gurgaon

One of my student reported to me that her mother is learning English communication through sky learning so that she can communicate in English with teachers. She said that her Elder sister who is an Engineering student takes the lectures online. I feel that it is a great family learning tool.

Mr. L V Sehgal
Mr. L V Sehgal, Principal
Bal Bharati Gangaram, New Delhi

I think the most powerful tool of life long learning is the learning booster and Gap analyser. This fits appropriately as a device which diagnoses learning gaps and provides students with the rededication not only of the present class but also of the gaps remaining in the previous classes.

Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatia
Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatia, Principal
KIIT World School, New Delhi


UAE schools encourage tablets in place of books

Dubai: Students are usually expected to bring their own device at the university and high-school level, according to Intel’s regional business manager Frederico Carvalho.

Schools across the UAE are encouraging students to ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) or participate in interactive learning by borrowing school resources. Khaleej Times asked schools in Dubai if parents were asked to shell out the money for the devices.

Anees Unissa, ICT manager at Indian High School (IHS), said the school does not provide devices to students. She explained the tablets are optional but most students end up buying the device as it helps in ‘effective learning’.

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